State of the LAN Party address

Hey there gamers and geeks.  Since it’s inception, SpokLAN has been about gathering, having fun, connecting, acceptance, inclusion, gaming, tech, and pretty much a celebration of Geekery. “Back in the day”; we had monthly gatherings, had a great time. With the introduction of widely available broadband, attendance shrank, and we as a tribe has have an increase in responsibilities – College, Careers, Family, Spawn, and the list goes on.
Several attempts have been made to bring something back, with limited success. A few years ago, we started having a twice a year LAN Party, well, a GULP actually – fall and spring. We managed to kick off a few, and had a grand time. They were made possible through the generous use of the perfect space. For a decent price, we were able to drink, eat, sleep, and game for a reasonable amount of money.
The SpokLAN admins have spent a great deal of time looking for a new home. Very few places were at all interested, due to the “overnight” nature and how much power we’d be using. Those that were able and willing, well, the pricing wasn’t exactly cheap and quite a few restrictions regarding outside food and beverages.
Where we are is:

  • Do we shoot for a once a year event for about 30 spots,  with a price tag of about $100 per person to cover space and catering taken care of?
  • Do we shoot for a once a year event for about 30 spots, with a max of $50 per person covering space and the rest is ‘on your own’?
  • Do we wrap it up and look at all the good we’ve done over the years?

Putting on a GULP is a lot of work, and takes time most of the Admins don’t have.  We’re willing to do it, but have to have a commitment in dollars from those wanting to attend. At the earliest, we’d be looking at Spring 2019. Yeah, it’s a ways out and as of this SotLP note, it’s a few days away from Autumn.

We’ll be posting a poll on our Facebook page and see what kind of feedback we get.

Thank you for your time.

The Team