G.U.L.P. 17.10 postponed to 18.04

G.U.L.P. 17.04 Nerdside Story Was Awesome

G.U.L.P. 17.10 – “The Berry Battle” has been delayed ­čÖü and will like be G.U.L.P 18.04 – “Berry Battle Supreme!”

When: Probable April
Start Time: About 18:00 on a Friday
End Time: Noon on the following Sunday
Where: TBD
Full Weekend: $25 (pre-reg) / $30 on-site. Includes soft drinks, snax, Saturday food is breakfast, lunch dinner, Sunday Breakfast (that’s like FOUR meals!).

We have some changes to the networking and power (well, depends on where), the addition of a real screen for the projector, and more!

Alcohol Status: This is a G.U.L.P. (Grown Up LAN Party).
18+, no problem, no booze.┬á< 18, you’ll need a parental or guardian please. Bring your own, no getting stupid with it.

We will have some number of spots available, depending on when / where we get set up.This is a mostly a “BYOC” — Bring Your Own Chair. We have some, but not many, like four or so.