GULP 16.10 Complete; Announcing GULP 17.04

It was a grand weekend of gaming, geeking, and contrary to what most people think about us geeky gamers — socializing. Thanks to all that came, critiqued our complete lack of planning, rolled with the flow, and helped make it a fun weekend full of shenanigans.

With that said we would like to announce:

GULP 17.04 – Nerdside Story: Sharks vs. Jets is already in the early planning stages. Here are a few things that we have on the list already for you

  • Early bird discount for pre-reg the first week after going live.
  • An interactive seat map for registering (finally).
  • Adding a few fun tournaments that involve some random elements.
  • Maybe some actual list of games to play, maybe a schedule of sorts, or at least out forth some general idea of what we’re going to play.
  • Saturday afternoon / evening / ClanHOOD reunion BBQ.
  • Sunday morning Uber-breakfast cooked by somecallmeTim, RynDog, and Archer1212.
  • Enhanced router and some type of file server for games, patches, etc. built from random leftover hardware we know we all have.
  • Having fun with the Sharks vs. Jets theme (think random team assignments)

We’ll have more as things progress. Expect a FB event page ‘soon’, and here, so stay tuned.