G.U.L.P. 17.10 announced

G.U.L.P. 17.04 Nerdside Story Was Awesome

G.U.L.P. 17.10 – “The Berry Battle” has been initiated, scheduled, and released into the world!

When: October 6th to 8th, 2017.
Start Time: About 18:00 on Friday the 6th.
End Time: About noon on Sunday the 8th
Where: 103 E. Kiernan Ave. Spokane, WA ([HOOD]-KaPTiNxMoRGaN’s house)
Full Weekend: $25 (pre-reg) / $30 on-site. Includes soft drinks, snax, food while there.

We have some changes to the networking and power (less issues we hope), the addition of a real screen for the projector, and more!

Alcohol Status: This is a G.U.L.P. (Grown Up LAN Party).
18+, no problem, no booze. < 18, you’ll need a parental or guardian please. Bring your own, no getting stupid with it.

We will have a total of 30 spots available

This is a mostly a “BYOC” — Bring Your Own Chair. We have some, but not many, like four or so.