OMG! Another G.U.L.P. and other stuff

Mark your calendars
Oct 14 ~ 16, 2016 is our next gathering. We’ll start the afternoon of the 14th (set up will likely be the night before), and game until mid-day Sunday.

Sponsor a Table
We worked out how we want to set up for the next G.U.L.P., and for that we need to get some tables. To make this possible, we’re going to offer up a special program where YOU sponsor a spot. For $20, you become a table sponsor. Well, half a table sponsor. That spot will have your name on it, and you’ll get first crack at registration for that spot. As a thank you, we’re going to offer a discount for the October G.U.L.P., but your spot and early registration are for life!

Stay Geeky!

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