G.U.L.P. 17.04 is ready for you

Registration is finally available!


When: April 7th to 9th, 2017.
Start Time: About 18:00 on Friday the 7th.
End Time: About noon on Sunday the 9th
Where: 103 E. Kiernan Ave. Spokane, WA ([HOOD]-KaPTiNxMoRGaN’s house)
Full Weekend: $25 (pre-reg) / $30 on-site. Includes soft drinks, snax, food while there.
Sponsor a Table: $20 and gets you all kinds of special favors, and we have as many of our own tables as we can handle.
Special Event: 2017 SpokLAN.net / ClanHOOD Reunion BBQ
Saturday April 8th at and around 3:00 PM until about 8:00 PM the early evening.
If you can’t make the GULP, but want to come and see everyone, for $5.00, there will be burgers, dogs, and what not – Click HERE to join us. Your GULP registration covers this event, so don’t add it if you are doing the entire weekend thing, unless you feel like kicking in an extra $5.

As always, visitors Welcome! We’d love to see our SpokLAN and ClanHOOD family. Donations will be accepted for beverages, snax, food while there (this stuff costs, and we want to keep having these a couple times a year)

Alcohol Status: This is a G.U.L.P. (Grown Up LAN Party).
18+, no problem, no booze. < 18, you’ll need a parental or guardian please. Bring your own, no getting stupid with it.

We have a total of 30 spots available

Get your spot(s) for GULP 17.04 Sharks vs Jets

This is a mostly a “BYOC” — Bring Your Own Chair. We have some, but not many, like four or so.

OMG! Another G.U.L.P. and other stuff

Mark your calendars
Oct 14 ~ 16, 2016 is our next gathering. We’ll start the afternoon of the 14th (set up will likely be the night before), and game until mid-day Sunday.

Sponsor a Table
We worked out how we want to set up for the next G.U.L.P., and for that we need to get some tables. To make this possible, we’re going to offer up a special program where YOU sponsor a spot. For $20, you become a table sponsor. Well, half a table sponsor. That spot will have your name on it, and you’ll get first crack at registration for that spot. As a thank you, we’re going to offer a discount for the October G.U.L.P., but your spot and early registration are for life!

Stay Geeky!

SpokLAN – The Nerds Awaken LAN video

Special thanks to Grodon for making this video for us. It’s hilarious and perfectly captures what SpokLAN is all about. Special thanks to CaptainMorgan and his family for hosting a bunch of nerds in their garage all weekend.

Be ready for the next LAN coming in October. Follow us on Facebook to keep updated on dates and registration information!

Happy Gaming!