Who, What, When, Where, and all that

SpokLAN.net has been around since the early 2000’s organizing LAN parties from a half dozen peeps camped out in a living room for a night¬†to 200+ of us taking over a large facility for a long weekend. ¬†Several generations of Nerds, Geeks, and Gamers have joined the family during our monthly SMo-gs (SpokLAN Midmonth omnium-gatherums)> What is cool, a good portion of the community has stayed in touch since we sort of wrapped things up. One thing we’re proud of is the money we raised for kids by holding annual Frag-A-thonS lasting 40 hours — over $20,000 was raised during these events. Not bad huh?

Since the begining, SpokLAN.net has had a relationship with ClanHOOD — many of us have been gaming on-line together since the 1990’s. Yeah, dial up Quake2 baby… lag was your friend. It was natural that we’d all want to get together and game in the same room, or the same house, hotel banquet room, bingo hall, garage, or anywhere we had power and could CAT5 all over.

Through Quake2, Counter-Strike 1.6, Team Fortress, World of Warcraft, Battlefiled 1942 / Desert Combat, BF2, and more – we’re still on-line with BF4, TF2, GRAV, and others.

Together, Spoklan.NET and ClanHOOD host a sever, with rack space and bandwidth provided by CET. We have several games running with the current line up of:
and a Mumble server to connect our ever growing community.

We’re a bit older, grayer, maybe wiser,. We game with our kids, and our kids’ kids (yeah, we’ve been at this a while…). We basically doing what we did when we first stated – a bunch of friends pitching in some money, some time, gaming, and having fun. And connecting.

See you on-line gaming, drop by our FaceBook pages:


and say hi, and hopefully, at one of our twice a year events.